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Caresmatic Estates is committed to the betterment of the homeless community in Charlotte, NC. When you ask us to aid you and your family, a professional and qualified support services counselor from our program is immediately issued to help. We meet with the family on a regular basis to work with the parents, help resolve any tension among the members, share key skills, coach the family on how to communicate and understand each other, and help manage any legal troubles.

Caresmatic Estates specializes in mental health skill building for clients who are ages 18 and up. Being emotionally and mentally healthy does not exclude the experiences of life we cannot control. The root causes for homelessness vary greatly for each individual. We are constantly improving our communication and mental treatment provision based on our research and work with past clients.

Caresmatic Estates helps support individuals who have an inability to cope due to a death of a spouse, a serious mental health issue, or an abusive home situation. Even though the approach we take with all of these patients differs greatly, we have the same end goal for every one of our clients, to see them inspired and confident to pursue fulfillment and a better state of well-being. “Simplify Your Life” with our help.

We firmly believe that everyone has something to offer the world, and it is a tragedy when that ability is obscured by a traumatic experience or situation. Realize your true potential with therapy assistance from Caresmatic Estates.

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