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Caresmatic Estates provides the very best homeless assistance program in Charlotte, NC. We do not think of homelessness as a problem but a symptom. The lack of ability or desire to find established housing is an indicator of a deeper issue. In our program, we locate that cause and work it out with the patient so they can find their way. It is not enough to simply feed, clothe, and wash our visitors to achieve full rehabilitation.

A large number of the people in our care are homeless veterans. More often than not, post traumatic stress disorder played a significant role in their homelessness. PTSD is an extremely serious disorder that can lead to self-injury and suicide. Having to witness violence on a level the average citizen cannot even imagine and return home to try to assimilate into normal society is an almost impossible task. At Caresmatic Estates, we talk in-depth with our homeless veterans to help them alleviate their distress.

Caresmatic Estates prides ourselves on the ability to create a safe environment to help anybody who has lost their way. There is a strong prejudice against homeless individuals when it comes to finding employment. We provide you with all the cleaning supplies and fresh clothes you need to look presentable in an interview. We also set up a personal email so employers can notify you, and you can put the number of our location on your application so they can reach you here as well.

We help runaway children either find their way back home, or seek legal assistance if their guardians are abusive. It is often hard for homeless individuals to find their relatives. Caresmatic Estates connects people with their family and with friendly support. Our professional caretakers help people from all backgrounds.

Receive the care you need at our facility.

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